MicroOVN services

This page presents a list of all MicroOVN services. Their descriptions are for reference only - the user is not expected to interact directly with these services.

The status of all services is displayed by running:

snap services microovn



The microovn.central service is deprecated and will be removed in a future release.

This is a transitional service. Starting this service will start and enable multiple services:

  • microovn.ovn-ovsdb-server-nb

  • microovn.ovn-ovsdb-server-sb

  • microovn.ovn-northd

However this service is not capable of stopping these child services so its usage is strongly discouraged. Users should use individual services instead.


This service maps directly to the ovn-controller daemon.


The main MicroOVN service/process that manages all the other processes. It also handles communication with other MicroOVN cluster members and provides an API for the microovn client command.


This service maps directly to the OVN Northbound database/service.


This service maps directly to the ovn-northd daemon.


This service maps directly to the OVN Southbound database/service.


This service is a recurring process that runs once a day between 02:00 and 02:30. It triggers TLS certification reissue for certificates that are nearing the expiration. For more information see the certificates lifecycle.


This services maps directly to the ovs-vswitchd daemon.